Cosmology Calculator

This cosmology calculator uses the program cosmic to calculate a number of parameters for an object at a redshift z, using the given ΛCDM cosmology. The output of cosmic is shown below the form. Please note that small differences between distances given here and using other cosmology calculators are due to differences in numerical integration, e.g. Romberg vs. midpoint, and whether the contribution from the energy density of radiation is included (it is not included here). Cosmic is licensed under the GPL version 2.0.

Cosmological parameters
Source parameters

H0 = 67.04, Ωm = 0.3183, ΩΛ = 0.6817 (q0 = -0.52255)
At z = 0.1

  age of the Universe at z = 12.473 Gyr
  lookback time to z = 1.35696 Gyr
  angular diameter distance dA = 396.668 Mpc
  luminosity distance dL = 479.969 Mpc
  comoving radial distance dC = 436.335 Mpc
  comoving volume out to z = 0.347976 Gpc3
  critical density at z = 9.3338e-30 g cm-3
  1" = 1.923102 kpc
  1 kpc = 0.519993"